Trick or Treating with Peg + Cat

Discover how Peg uses counting and problem solving skills to get her treats off the ground and away from the tiger!

Science and Wonder

How do we make sense of the universe around us? Explore this topic with some of the brightest scientists and artists. 

That's a Rap! Challenge

Lay down some bars with our latest teacher challenge that is inspired by “Hamilton’s America.” Dust off your mic and check it out! 

This Day in History

On this day in 1787, the first of the Federalist Papers was published supporting ratification of the Constitution.

Decode the Electoral College

Explore the new PBS Electoral Decoder! View past presidential elections, explore how the electoral college works, and use the 2016 presidential predictor.

PBS LearningMedia: West Virginia Public Broadcasting Edition

  • Road to Statehood

    This video from WV Public Broadcasting examines the issues leading to statehood for West Virginia.

  • This Week in WV History

    This series of audio programs explores the noted people, places and events which had an economic, social, or political impact on the history of western Virginia and West Virginia.  Curriculum materials include guided listening questions, scripts, and timeline and extension activities for each day and month of programs.

  • WV Steam

    Inspiring students to consider careers in science, the arts, and mathemathics.

  • You Are There

    This video from WV Public Broadcasting uses the news desk/reporter format to study the impact of WV statehood on individuals of the time.

News from PBS LearningMedia