In the Making

In the Making is a collection of biographical programs about WV artisans and additional demonstration videos to engage students in creating art in the style of the highlighted artisans.

  • Fabulous, FUNctional Furniture Like Dan Pleska's

    Practice using a maquette to design furniture in the style of Dan Pleska.  This demonstration video accompanies the video The Artistry of Dan Pleska

    Grades: K-10
  • The Artistry of Dan Pleska

    Learn how woodworker Dan Pleska creates works of art from raw materials. The program supports the demonstration video Fabulous, FUNctional Furniture like Dan Pleaka's

    Grades: 5-12
  • Zany Portraits in the Style of Charly Hamilton

    Learn to create your own art in the style of Charly Hamilton by following the steps modeled in this demonstration video.

    Grades: K-10
  • The Artistry of Charly Hamilton

    Examine the career of visual artist Charly Hamilton.  The content coordinates with the video and lesson plan "Zany Human and Animal Portraits in the Style of Charly Hamilton".

    Grades: 5-12
  • Geometric Quilts in the Style of Martha Osborn

    Use geometry skills to create quilt patterns by following the steps described in this demonstration video.  You may also want to view the program Martha Osborn - Fabric Artist to see more examples of her work.

    Grades: K-10
  • The Artistry of Martha Osborn

    Learn about the skills needed to create works of art using fabric in the style of Martha Osborn and explore the motivation behind her work.

    Grades: 5-12
  • Stained Glass in the Style of Chris Dutch

    Use glue, chalk, and paper to create "stained glass" art by following the steps in this demonstration video.

    Grades: K-10
  • The Artistry of Chris Dutch

    Learn how Chris Dutch combines a variety of materials and processes to create exciting pieces of visual art.

    Grades: 5-12
  • Create a Collage Like Martina Huson

    Create your own organic art collage in the style of Martina Huson by following the directions in this demonstration.

    Grades: 4-8
  • The Artistry of Martina Huson

    The life and career of stained glass artist Martina Huson is examined. Learn about the skills needed and work involved in creating stained glass art works.

    Grades: 5-12
  • Op-Art Like Robin Hammer

    Follow the steps provided in the video and use your imagination to create your own op-art like artist Robin Hammer.

    Grades: 4-8
  • The Artistry of Robin Hammer

    Explore the creativity and artistry of painter and sculptor Robin Hammer.

    Grades: 5-12
  • Collaborate Like an Artist Dutch and Hammer

    Collaborate with classmates or friends to create a work of art in the style of Chris Dutch and Robin Hammer.

    Grades: K-5
  • The Artistry of Dutch and Hammer

    Learn how Chris Dutch and Robin Hammer collaborate to design artwork which includes painting, sculpting, woodwork, and stained glass techniques.

    Grades: 5-12
  • Using Color to Create Emphasis Like Eddie Austin

    Practice using color to create visual emphasis in your artwork like West Virginia artist Eddie Austin. 

    Grades: 1-9
  • The Artistry of Eddie Austin

    Explore the skills and creativity needed to become a master furniture maker in the style of Eddie Austin.

    Grades: 5-12